Our company was founded in 1972 in Cupertino, California, across from one of the main Hewlett-Packard locations. Our founders began by providing documentation support for corporate training and technical manuals. Over the years, DeHART’s grew beyond the needs of our corporate neighbors to also serve other Fortune 500 companies throughout Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

In addition to serving the needs of these larger companies, we provided “big company” capabilities for smaller, start-up companies that needed superior quality and quick turnarounds. Many of these companies have since become household names in Silicon Valley.

Over the past four decades, we have weathered the challenging business climates that have affected our industry and other businesses, and we have emerged with a leaner organization that enables us to be even more responsive to our customers. In 2004, we changed our name to DeHART’s Media Services to better reflect the breadth of services we offer our customers.