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Due to advances in technology, aspiring authors can now publish their own works more easily. We have been producing books for publishers of all sizes for more than ten years. Whether you are looking to produce 100 or 10,000 books, we can help you bring your book to market. Though we are a printer, not a publisher, our experience in working with publishers can help you to locate the other resources necessary to turn your book into reality.

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The traditional book publishing model required an author to find an agent or a publisher in order to bring a book to market. Recent improvements in technology, and the evolution of the book market, now make it much easier for authors to self-publish their works and get them into viable distribution channels. According to Bowker, the leading publishing industry tracker, 2008 was the first year when the number of on-demand titles exceeded those of traditional book publishers. On-demand publishing is the method typically used by self-publishers and online publishers.


We specialize in the production of black and white, perfect-bound books. Depending on the specifications (i.e., trim size, page count, etc.), we are also able to produce case-bound, two-color or full-color books. Some of our customers require other types of mechanical binding, and we are capable of supporting this requirement.

Case Study

We Still Call Him Coach: The Life and Legacy of Les Habegger. This book came to us in manuscript form. In working with the author, we recommended resources that were able to edit the text, design the cover and interior, and handle the distribution. The initial print run was 2,100. In addition, we printed a short, advance run of 100 copies for reviews and promotional purposes.